Grown out roots lead the new trend

Everyone who dyes their hair knows how a bad situation their roots start to show is. For instance, if you are a dark-haired woman, your platinum hair love lasts 2-3 weeks at most. Grown out roots usually looks neglected and it makes people artificial and unhappy. However, this situation is changing. Nowadays, when naturality becomes popular, people are trying to return to natural hair or those who like the natural look of grown out roots lead the new trend.

We are aware of a new trend which has finally emerged at the TV Video Music Awards night for a while.

We are talking about grown out roots

This new trend should not be certainly confused with ombre trend.

The ombre trend has a certain transition and a certain alignment, and the grown out roots trend that we are talking about is completely natural hair that has grown out roots.

Although there are some people who have the hair dyed with respect to this new trend, the majority of people leave their hair in the natural flow.

Despite all criticisms about her natural hair, Miley Cyrus who created her style with respect to this new trend indicated that she like this look.

Kylie Jenner usually chooses wigs when she uses yellow hair.

When Kylie Jenner uses blond hair, she usually chooses her wigs based on this new trend.

Most of the time, the grown out roots trend looks better than a single color hair. Especially, those who think that blonde hair does not fit to their skin

One of the professional hairdressers will make slight transitions from your hair dye to your point of intersection with your roots.

We hope that such trends that facilitate our lives

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