Topknot Bun Hairstyle

Topknot bun hairstyle is one of the most pulchritudinous style in fashion  2011-2012.You can wear day or night easily.Top knot hairstyle is using very often by the celebrities.You can find pictures of Miranda Kerr,Kate Bosworth,Kim Kardashian’s topknot hairstyles below.

When you don’t have much time to prepare;topknot bun hairstyle will rescue your day..At below there is a simple description to do a topknot hairstyle.

1-First;tie your hair up into a ponytail.Use a comb to smooth messy parts.

2-Tease your ponytail a little bit,brush gently teased part.

3-Then wrap your ponytail around the ponytail holder to style in to bun and secure it  with a few bobby pins.

4-Use hair spray to hold your bun hairstyle.If you have a lot of baby hair,apply much more hair gel to keep them smooth.

That’s it.You are ready to go..

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