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Grown out roots lead the new trend

Everyone who dyes their hair knows how a bad situation their roots start to show is. For instance, if you are a dark-haired woman, your platinum hair love lasts 2-3 weeks at most. Grown out roots usually looks neglected and it makes people artificial and unhappy. However, this situation is changing. Nowadays, when naturality becomes popular, people are trying to return to natural hair or those who like the natural look of grown out roots lead the new trend.

We are aware of a new trend which has finally emerged at the TV Video Music Awards night for a while.

We are talking about grown out roots

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We Love Colored Hair: Colored Hair Trend with 10 Items

Here is our favorite trend!

1) The thing that marks the Coachella music festival is a colorful Coachella hair!

The word or idiom has been created: “Coachella hair” Notice how fast this trend rapidly spreads…

2) Then this trend began to color streets concerts, parties, and beaches.

We are always colorful!

3) The first representatives of the current were crowned “red” passion with red hair…

We already wanted our hair to be “redder”!
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