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Black Haired Celebrities

Sleek Severe Updo Hairstyle

Rooney Mara’s medium length black hair formed in to a sleek severe updo hairstyle at the 84th  Oscar ceremony.Short cut blunt bangs was the most striking detail of her hairstyle.

prom hairstyles










hair bangs

Kim Kardashian’s Accessorized Hairstyle

Sometimes you do not have no heart to do anything;including styling your hair..At such times;simple hair accessories will help you.Or you can try your necklaces as a hair accessory.Use your imagination.Here;Kim Kardashian’s accessorized hairstyle..She used  thin golden chains to beautify her sleek simple ponytail.

ponytail hairstyle














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Nicki Minaj’s Bold Highlights

Nicki Minaj loves to wear eccentrical hairstyles.Every hairstyle that she wore were funky from each other.Here long black hairstyle of Nicki Minaj with blunt bangs.Nicki Minaj’s bold highlights applied on back sides of her hair.

 colorful hair highlights