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Nicki Minaj’s Bold Highlights

Nicki Minaj loves to wear eccentrical hairstyles.Every hairstyle that she wore were funky from each other.Here long black hairstyle of Nicki Minaj with blunt bangs.Nicki Minaj’s bold highlights applied on back sides of her hair.

 colorful hair highlights

Katerina Graham’s Colorful Highlights

The Vampire Diaries’ pretty witch Katerina Graham’s topknot ponytail has a pretentious look with colorful highlights.Katerina Graham applied pale blue highlights at the ends.You can catch the fashion with Katerina Graham’s colorful highlights..

vampire diaries hairstyles















 topknot ponytails

Blunt Cut Long Hairstyle

Jennifer Hudson’s blunt cut long hairstyle sleekly blow-dried and her hairstyle completed after applying hair shiner to have this brilliant look.

 long black hairstyles