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Half Up Curly Hairstyle

Coiling curls pulled from the back to the front then let down over the forehead to create a Mohawk look.You need a curling iron,a few bobby pins and hair mousse to get this rocking half up curly hairstyle..Works best with medium to long length hair.


Half Up Curly Hairstyle

Modern Hairstyle

You can change your classic look to an edgy,remarkable image with simple tricks..

First;take a section of your hair at the front and top of the head and separate them.Then pull tightly the rest of your hair,style into a ponytail or updo(it’s up to you).

Straighten separated locks upward.Then;tease and upswept your hair towards the front softly to create an asymmetrical impression.Use strong hairspray to hold your awesome and modern hairstyle..