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Wavy Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

A few photo of wavy half up half down hairstyles for you to inspire.Wearing headbands,hair grips will beautify your half up hairstyle.Also you can turn this casual half updo hairstyles with adding curls.

You can find a video that shows how to do half up half down hairstyle in easy way.Hope you may like it.

half up half down hairstyle
















long hairstyles
















easy long hairstyles













wavy updos













long updo hairstyles














casual hairstyles
















Heidi Braid Hairstyle

Heidi braid or other name crown braid hairdo is a sweet and adorable style of hair braiding.Heidi braids are suitable for long and medium hairs.You can find a video below that shows how to do heidi braid hairstyle  without spending much time.

Braided hairstyles