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Hairstyles For Gemini Women

Gemini woman’s mood changes constantly..So their hairstyles too:)Layered open hairstyles,half updos with free waves are ideal for gracious,adventurous,talkative and charming Gemini women..

Here some hairstyles for Gemini women..

layered long hairstyle












half updo

Hairstyles For Aries Women

Stylish and confident Aries women like to take attention.They have enough courage to wear bold hairstyles.Lady Gaga is an Aries:)

Sometimes,it’s a nightmare to style your hair..If you are an Aries;probably you love pretentious accessories.By using colorful headbands,you can get rid of bad hair days.

Here some hairstyles for Aries women.

bold hairstyles










long red hairstyle