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Easy Halloween Hairstyle

You can pick this easy Halloween hairstyle to create your own scary Halloween look..

First grab your hair sleekly then put into a high ponytail and wrap a fabric around the ponytail looks like samurai hair.Wrap your face and forehead with a large black ribbon or fabric(like duct tape)and cover one eye, tie it at the back of head. Complete your look with a heavy makeup.Now you are ready to get into the spirit of the Halloween night.. sending all of you best wishes for a Happy Halloween…Hope your night rocks, just like you! 


Easy Halloween Hairstyle

Halloween Hairstyles 2014

Here a few easy and eccentric Halloween Hairstyles 2014 for you.

1- French Braid Mohawk

Pull your tresses to the back tightly and make a French braid down the center of your head to the back to create a mohawk effect.Wear colourful feather headpiece on top of your head to have this look.

2-Funky Ponytail

A super high ponytail will be a wonderful choice and doesn’t take much time and effort.Strong hairspray will help keep your hairstyle from falling during the party.

3-Full updo with a donut bun.

Take the front section of your hair and roll into a bun above your forehead,secure it.Pull and twist up the rest of your hair then use hairpins to secure at back loosely.Place butterfly hair clips in your hairstyle.

You’ll rock at spooky Halloween parties after completing your look with makeup and costume..


Halloween Hairstyles 2014