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Psy’s Hairstyles

South Korean singer Park Jae-Sang shortly Psy’s Gangnam Style popularity continues to increase since July 2012.This cheerful song with horse-riding dance has broken a Guinness World Record for most viewed and liked video on YouTube..

Gangnam Style look may inspires you for this Halloween.Dress classy, dance cheesy with Psy’s hairstyles:)

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male celebrity hairstyles

Paul Wesley’s Hairstyle

The Vampire Diaries’ fans are looking forward ¬†impatiently to the 4th season of the show.Finally;The CW’s thriller drama The Vampire Diaries returned with exciting episodes..

Here;The Vampire Diaries’ handsome and charming star Paul Wesley’s spiked hair.

Ps:Paul Wesley’s hairstyle suit all face shapes.

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