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Scarlett Johansson’s 60’s Inspired Bun Hairstyle

  Scarlett Johansson’s 60’s inspired bun hairstyle looks magnificient.Pretty actress’ rich auburn hair teased a lot and then styled in to a thick bun at the back.Smoothed front area accessorised with a chic satin black headband.

  This retro look hairstyle is great for any formal event or a very special dinner.If you like retro hairstyles,you may want to try this.Do not forget to apply hairspray to keep this elegant do all the night.

 Bun Hairstyle

Hayley Williams’ Bold Red Hair Color

If you are brave enough;you can try teen icon Hayley Williams’ bold red hair color.She curled her cropped cut red hair and pinned her bangs to the side.

Short tip about 2012 hairstyle trends;bold hair colors will be the hottest 2012 hair trends.

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