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Side Topknot Bun Hairstyle

Cute side topknot bun hairstyle.This hairstyle looks more sweet with blunt bangs.There is a video showing how to do this pretty side topknot bun hairstyle.

 updo with bangs


















Nicole Kidman’s Tight High Ponytail

Celebrities like to use ponytail hairstyles too. Here blondish red haired pretty Nichole Kidman..

Nicole Kidman’s tight high ponytail hairstyle seems willowy with romantic waves.

 blondish-red hairstyles


Rihanna’s Messy Casual Updo

Rihanna’s messy casual updo with headband is a pretty and quick hairstyle.You can how to do Rihanna’s quick and pretty updo video below.

 casual updo hairstyles