Popular Hairstyles Of The 80’s

The 80’s were the most extreme time in fashion history with colorful tights,leggings,slouch socks,sweaters tucked into pants,waist bags,aerobic clothes,jackets with bigger shoulder pads,colorful bold make-ups and hairstyles..In fact, the disco culture in the 80s influenced fashion a lot.Hair gels and hair foams that contain shine and glitter were so popular in this period.Actually,we don’t want … Read morePopular Hairstyles Of The 80’s

Jazzy Mushroom Cut Hairstyles

If you don’t feel right keeping up with trends and you really like retro styles, we will talk about a haircut just for you! This haircut was popular in the 90’s is a nice vintage model that combines both modern and retro touches.The mushroom haircut suits almost every face shape.The purpose of this hairstyle is … Read moreJazzy Mushroom Cut Hairstyles

Nicki Minaj’s Bold Hairstyles

Under this topic, we’ll examine Nicki Minaj’s rapidly changing hairstyles and hair colors and bold wigs..Nicki Minaj is the private member of the club “wear what they want”. Special star uses her self-confidence as a weapon!Successful R&B artist who reflects her lively personality in her hair and also a true wig lover!You can look at … Read moreNicki Minaj’s Bold Hairstyles