Hair Dimension

How to Add Dimension to Your Hair

Having a voluminous and dynamic hair raises our mood and makes us feel so much better.Sometimes your hair will look dull, lifeless and doesn’t take the shape no matter what you do.Maybe it’s because of your haircut,maybe your hair color.We have examined for you how to add volume and glamor to your hair in 3 steps..

Step 1: Haircut

The first step for your hair to dance in harmony is having a layered cut suitable for your face and hair type.A blunt cut hair will appear in a thin line when left down while layered hair looks much fuller and voluminous even if it is straight.

Step 2: Hair Color

The second thing that will add volume to your hair is the right hair color.To add dimension to your hair you should prefer coloring processes such as ombre,balayage or shadow rather than dyeing whole hair in one color.

Step 3: Hairstyle

The last step to add movement and volume to your hair is the right hairstyle you will use.You should prefer wavy and loose curly styles rather than straight models.You can curl or style your hair by blow drying with brushes.

Hope girls you will like and benefit from our ideas for hair dimension..
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